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Company History
● Established in Beijing, China
● Merged to form iDataStats for    providing global DM/BS service
● Awarded as CRO with the best    investment value
● Focusing on oncology area and    innovative compounds
● Passed several CFDI inspections    for NDA submissions
● Established Clinical    pharmacology service CRO:    Linking Truth Technology(LTT)
● Started providing US FDA    registration service
● Established good local and    global client profile
● Established SMS ClinicalStudies    Co., Ltd.
● Continue to grow client profiles    with focus on oncology
● Acquired Bioanalytical lab    services: HQ Bioscience
● Enhanced Biometrics capabilities    by setting up Acumen    Information & Technology Co.,    Ltd. (AiT)

Please downloadEDF在线老虎机 our Company Brochure for additional information on how R&G was established, our Story since, and our plans for the future. .

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